As a Hiring Manager, you’re seeking a candidate who possesses a curious mindset, proactive attitude, proficiency in FIGMA for prototype creation, and keen attention to detail. It’s essential that they can effectively collaborate with stakeholders, engineers and project managers. You want them to be able to mesh with the existing team, I mean who wants all of those skills in a candidate and not have a good vibe?  Not you! Well look no further, you found me!


I dive deep into understanding how users behave and what they need.  Through methods like interviews and testing, I help figure out what works best for them, guiding design choices for better experiences.


Working alongside developers, stakeholders, and project managers feels like jamming in a band; everyone brings their unique flair to create something awesome together. We dive into challenges head-on, fine-tune our work based on feedback, and end up with products that users love and that hit the mark for the business.


With Figma as my tool, I turn static designs into dynamic experiences, crafting interactive prototypes that engage users at every click.

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In my portfolio, you’ll notice a focus on projects mostly tailored for farmers, scientists and financial analyst where practicality and functionality took precedence over flashy designs. This context has provided me with a solid foundation in user-centered design and problem-solving. While these projects weren’t about fancy visuals, they show I can deliver practical solutions tailored to users. I’m eager to use my skills in future projects where creativity also matters.

Printing App

The “Printer app” required rebranding and transition to a web-based platform due to maintenance challenges, despite lacking initial resources and user feedback. Read more about the project

Budget Movement

The Budget Movement tool facilitated budget transfers across regions and programs, with a focus on UI enhancements based on updated requirements. Initially lacking direct user feedback, mockups were crafted through whiteboard sketches and Sketch designs. Learn more about it.

Make a Payment

The project aimed to integrate a payment experience into a suite of tools within an application portal for dealers’ business operations. Explore Payment Options

Mentor for Coder Girl/Launch Code

From 2019-2021 I had the honor of collaborating with a team of experienced UX Designers and Researchers at Coder Girl/Launch Code to mentor, support and empower women as they ventured into the exciting world of UX design. Through our collective expertise and personalized coaching, we provided guidance tailored to each individual’s goals and aspirations. Together, we fostered a supportive environment for skill development, confidence building, and career advancement, ensuring that every mentee received the tools and resources they needed to succeed.