This is My Story

My name is Faith and I am a UX Designer that is also skilled at UI design. I’m a creative individual and I can be a little dangerous with a lot of Adobe products.  But its not all about being pixel perfect.  What difference does it make if the website or app looks pretty when it doesn’t flow well.  Yes, that blue button looks awesome..but why did you put it on the right side of the page vs the left?  That’s where the fun comes in.  The research..the getting down and dirty about what the user wants.  Before any software is opened…like Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator etc, I like to use good ol pencil and paper to get my ideas out on a project.

You maybe wondering how did I come up with my domain name. I admit it sounds kinda funny.  But at the time I decided to do freelance web design I was at a job that I didn’t quite like. I knew I was creative and I knew I wanted to do more with my skills and I wanted something more for myself..something I can own and be proud of.  So one day I was on Godaddy’s website and I typed in and it was available. I took it as some kind of sign.  I got laughs at first…and even now sometimes.  But I always say you may not remember my name or my phone number.. but you will remember my website.. its catchy 🙂  This Is My Job.