Project Brief:

Kevin from NOC didnt like his website. When he first got his business of the ground he did something a lot of people do. Get a Vista Print website or Wix and do it yourself. Well that lasted for a few years but he wanted more out of it. He wanted his website to stand out more and be a bit more sleek. NOC had a good social media following and wanted a website to match. The main purpose was to provide good content for the visitors and info on his firearms training classes. The site also needed to be eye catching as far as photos/banners, videos and upcoming events.

I met with Kevin to sketch out pages for his website. We talked about what he liked about his current site and what he wanted on the new one.

Kevin website is up and running but things are always changing and thats a good thing. Banners..highlighting upcoming events and he is even starting to blog. One of main things Kevin wanted was to be able to update simple things on his own, so WordPress was a no brainerĀ on the platform.



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