This is My Story

My name is Faith and I am a Web Designer. Actually I like to think of myself as a little more than that. I’m a creative individual and I can be a little dangerous with a lot of Adobe products. I also code with HTML & CSS. I won’t lie, I’m not much on talking about myself. Even writing a paragraph under my own website is hard lol. I like for my work to do the talking for me. Besides doing websites and designing emails on my full time job and freelance… I also do photography. I do family photos and events.

You maybe wondering how did I come up with my domain name. I admit it sounds kinda funny.  But at the time I decided to do freelance web design I was at a job that I didn’t quit like. I knew I was creative and I knew I wanted to do more with my skills and I wanted something more for myself..something I can own and be proud of.  So one day I was on Godaddy’s website and I typed in and it was available. I took it as some kind of sign.  I got laughs at first…and even now sometimes.  But I always say you may not remember my name or my phone number.. but you will remember my website.. its catchy :)  This Is My Job.